Freedom Feels / Summer Pilates Plan

Freedom Feels / Summer Pilates Plan

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Welcome to our Summer Program - Freedom Feels! It's a Pilates Plan to help you remember just how good and free it feels to move! This plan is about shorter sessions, feel good moves, strength, mobility and reminding ourselves that it's not necessary about the outcome. We do it, just because we CAN! The results take care of themselves!

Freedom Feels / Summer Pilates Plan
  • Freedom Feels Calendar Part 1.pdf

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    Here's our Summer 2021 Holdiay Plan / Part One. This Summer your free to move! Celebrate your body by moving it well!

  • Total Body 1

    Episode 1

    Part of our Summer Plan, Total Body 1 is a full body workout using your core, glutes and legs! Uses a ball, but you can use a cushion rolled up if you don't have one.

  • Ten minute stretch

    Episode 2

    Move and stretch your spine and your hips. Designed for a feel good movement snack.